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Dry and wet interchangeably be found here. In the pine forest, you can find traces of the fires and pine trees that are hundreds of years old - or in the trunk maybe I should say?
From dry to very wet.
From the road, this reserve to consist mostly of pine forest on the dry, lean soil. But the further west you will get in the area, the wetter it gets and elements of other tree species will be more. In some areas grow denser areas with spruce and at some point even birch who probably grew up after a fire.
The fire was confined here
In some places you can find pine trees that are centuries old. Some of the trees visible traces of fire, called fire scars. Some burned stumps and snags here or there.
Dead trees favors woodpeckers
In the wetter eastern slopes, there are interspersed marshes, small stream corridors and lots of swamp forest. In areas with more fir, some of these are fallen over, and are like flames. The wealth of old trees and dead standing trees, called snags, provide opportunities for many of the animals and plants that benefit from these there. For example, various species of woodpeckers, owls and Lavskrika have been seen here. The sunlit pine habitats along streams and marshes are rich insect environments.

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