A river and a a black fence in wrought iron in the foreground, a building with a red plastered facade, a bridge and buildings in the background.

Kopparvågen weigh-house

  • Visiting address: Hälsingtorget, Falun

Official weighing of the copper produced by the individual smelteries was introduced by the Crown in 1633, so that an annual charge and excise could be levied. An earlier weigh-house was burnt down in the fire of 1761. The one that can be seen today was built in 1774--5.



Official weighing of copper was abolished in 1873, but weighing records for the period 1633-1873 have been preserved. The stone on the river bank carries high-water marks, showing the height of the river when it has flooded the town. The weigh-house is now used by the Dalarna museum.