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Nipfjället is a well-visited and easily accessible mountain near Idre with the mountain top Städjan as a classic sight. The parking lot on the mountain side south of Nipfjället is a good starting point. From here you can take a day trip to Städjan's top, or just take a short walk up to the Lillnipen.


Nipfjället - Molnet

Medium difficult half day tour, 7 km. From Nipfjällsparkeringen:
The highest peak in Städjan-Nipfjället nature reserve, 1191 meters above sea level. Magnificent views but the terrain is pretty tricky. The path may be difficult oriented and partly stony. From the car park follow an unmarked path on lillnipens eastern slope. Then go over Hästvrån. You come up on an area of boulders. There you have to hold northeasterly direction until you catch a glimpse of a telecommunications mast. Just west of this is a mound that marks the top. From the top, follow the path straight south until after the steep you face a crossmarked trail to the right up to the parking lot.


Medium difficulty half day tour, 6 or 11 km. From Gränjesåsvallen or Idrefjäll:
The tour is a "must" for visitors in our area. A lovely peak climbing up on Dalarna's most famous mountain peak, 1131 meters above sea level.

Nipfjället - Lillnipen

Easy short tour, 1.5 km. From Nipfjället parking:
Easy hiking tour on Nipfjället with brilliant views of Härjedals mountains in the east to Fulufjället in the West. Follow the clear path up to the nearest peak. Lillnipen. Go back the same way.

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