Hike on an extinct volcano

Join an extraordinary hike and take a part of the mysteries of the nature. The guides from Älvdalen tells you about the history of the area and shows you a volcano that went extinct millions of years ago.



Experience a time journey while hiking through quarries and nature reserves. A journey that will take you from a reeking volcano to a forest covered mountain full with stories and legends. The true story about the former location of Älvdalen - at the equator - is unknown to most people. On the mountain stories of trolls, goblins and other ancient creatures have survived through the ages. On the peak of the mountain the guides offer you traditional Swedish Fika, in a hut that is typical of Älvdalen's unique historical style.

Good to know
Gathering 9.30 am at the parking to Blyberget.
Duration: 3-4 hours. Varied terrain.
Good hiking shoes are recommended. Snack and coffee included. Dry toilet is available on the mountain.
The tour can be booked by groups, minimum 6 participants.


  • Children/Family
  • Summer