"Hemfjällsstugan" is a real waffle-house on the mountain, 850 metres above the sea, no electricity or water, no roads ...... Being up here is a natural experience in itself! Eating a waffle in the sun or in front of the fireplace is hard to beat!


In Hemfjällsstugan, the fireplace is always lit and there are, besides waffles also goulash soup, hot dogs, candy, buns etc.
When the weather is good, we put the reindeer skins on the patio!

To Hemfjällsstugan you can come up with our regular trips by snowmobile sled, these leaves from the Italian restaurant Appetito from week 7.
Tue-Sat 10:00 am , 11:00 & 12:00 . When the weather is also a tour at 13.00.

Hemfjällsstugan is a perfect place for a different party or conference. Evenings can be booked for 15 to 140 people. You get there by snowmobile or will be picked up by our snowmobile sleigh.

Get to Hemfjällsstugan:
Cross country skiing from Transtrandsroad Hemfjällsstugan located on Hemfjället, on the "back " of Lindvallen, between Transtrandsroad & Högfjällshotellet.
We make ski-tracks from Hemfjällsstangen in Transtrand and from Högfjällsgården, the opposite side of the Sälens Mountain-church, about 500 metres from Högfjällshotellet.
Just be aware that it's windy, so the tracks disappears quickly, so unless you are experienced and have good local knowledge, do not take this ski-trip there!

Cross-country skiing from Lindvallen:
You can also get here from Lindvallen (on cross-country skis). This takes you to the top of the "Gustavslope" or Express 303 & follow the marked trail to the south. About 1 km south of the 303-lift, there is a track that goes diagonally to the right down to Hemfjällsstugan (There are road-signs).
Alternatively, take the transport route from the top of the"Gustavslope" against Högfjället and go on our tracked point just above the chairlift.

Snowmobile Transport:
From Högfjällsgården (appetito) we run snowmobile shipments from Week 7, Tuesday - Saturday . 10:00, 11:00 & 12:00 , in fine weather, it is also a tour 13:00.
Remember that it is not possible to reserve a spot for these tours. We run when it is full and then it's just waiting for the next turn!
Days when the weather is good, the tours go all the time!

In the evenings, the snowmobile-transport is handled by "Sälens snowmobile safari", contact them, even for guided snowmobile safaris or to rent your own scooter, phonenumber: +46(0)280 - 203 98.

Distance from Hemfjällsstugan to:
Högfjällsgården (Appetito) 5.5 km
Högfjällshotellet 6.0 km
Hemfjällstangen 4.5 km
Linvallen Express 303 3.0 km
Gustav Express 4.0 km


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