Naturreserve with clouds in the sky

Gummas Naturreserve



Gummas is a beautiful natural forest reserves. It is below Havstjärnheden and get away from there plenty of water, leading to a rich flora, including Kung Karl Spira, Trolldruva and Hässelbrodd. The area, located in Dalarna sandstone area, characterized by a naturally developing conifer forest with birch and large supply of dead wood. Many endangered plant and animal species associated with forests. In order to maintain biodiversity in forests, it is important to protect forests with natural forest character. Characteristic of the area is a large number of sinks in the ground, called lokar. They are flooded during snowmelt, but dry out in summer. Clear marks on the surrounding trees shows that the water may reach a few meters. Around the buds grow preferably tall spruce. The highest trees are about 36 m high. A minor road cuts through the southern part of the reserve and coarse pine stumps witness to logging, but the cutting has been moderate and the area is generally still a large natural forest value.