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Gullnäsgårdens Café

Summercafé close to the lake Varpan.



Gullnäsgården is the recreational centre for Falu Mission Parish (Falu Missionsförsamling) and SMU. Here you can find a youth hostel, camping grounds, cabins, catering, swimming lakes, boules, beach volleyball and there is also possible to rent canoes and boats during the summer.

Falu Mission Parish moves its offices to Gullnäsgården during the summer year, so outdoor sermons held are held here. There is also one day camps for children and quizzes along trails.
The youth hostel has 8 beds separated into 3 rooms available for renting. A basic lodgings with bathroom and shower located in a separate building.
The cabin is equipped with 4 beds, refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, kettle and china and cutlery.
There are also more basic lodgings with two smaller cabins, where the bathroom, shower and kitchen are located in the main building. There are also a possibility for a few spots for tents and caravans.