A man and two women sitting in front of a red house dressed in traditional clothes.

Grytnäs Museum Farm

This old farm, Grytnäs Gammegård, is also called Målaregården after the first owner, Anders Erson Målare (Painter), who was born here in 1657. Målaregården and the storehouse were built on this spot in the 17th century, while the other buildings have been moved here from other places in the parish. The site consists of a double house, gateway shed, storehouse, boiling house, and pump house, all of which stand on their original sites, and a loft-store that was moved here from Skräddarbo, a rebuilt grain store from Kyrkbyn, and a fire-engine house from Stusshyttan.



In 1919 the farm was taken over by the newly founded Grytnäs Local History Society and was opened to the public in 1925.
All the buildings except the pump house are log houses, painted red, and with saddle roofs covered with double-curved tiles.
As at other local heritage museums, Midsummer is celebrated here regularly, and the farm is also an attraction for visiting tourists and groups. Grytnäs, 5 km north of Avesta town centre.

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