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Experience the feeling of rising straight into Zorn's painting at Gopsmor cottage, atmospheric adjacent next to Dalälvens' clear water.


The story of Gopsmor begins 1904th. This year bought Zorn, of his uncle Per, an area of ​​land at Dalälvens beach, where he moved a few old log house. The place was named Gopsmor. It became a haven for artists, a combined studio and wilderness fishing lodge where he could withdraw. Here he lived "as the wise father" with simple diet and without Zorn farm amenities.

In Gopsmor Zorn organized what he called playhouses. Young people were invited to dance the old folk dances to the tunes of folk music, performed by musicians from the area. Zorn's painting Dance in Gopsmorstugan (1914) depicts such an event. Many of the old songs the musicians kept survived thanks to Zorn.

To Gopsmor Zorn also took his friends. Bruno Liljefors and Albert Engström thrived in the environment, while others might find it difficult to come to terms with the primitive conditions that prevailed there. Such was the case with Erik Axel Karlfeldt who were used to doing their morning chores in privacy.

At least twice a year Zorn tried to stay in Gopsmor, in January, and about midsummer. During these periods, he was able to paint intensively. Naked women in the glow of the fire was a subject he often returned to, skiing women was another.

When Dalälven in 1970 would be regulated in the context of the emergence of Spjutmo power station had to move Zorn homes from its original location when the area came under water. They managed to find a new location, which is largely consistent with the old. There Gopsmor built up again.

The seven houses forming Gopsmor is of considerable age. Oldest of them are the studio, a barn from Landbobyn dated to 1324-25. Härbret from Gopshus, from the mid-1500s, while the main building is from the 1800s.


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