A Nature reserve with tiny trees

Floj Naturreservat



Here you can walk into a sparse and beautiful pine forests. Blackened trees are signs of fires that raged here - which is good for all plants and animals that benefit from forest fire. Also visit the beautiful pasture Floj just outside the area.
Tough conditions for robust pines
In Flojs nature reserve located a few mile off Älvdalen, one finds a lean, low growing and strong brand embossed pine forest that houses poor, but very old trees. Many fire-ravaged stumps and snags make this an environment worthy of protection, when fire ravaged the environment is something that is becoming increasingly rare in the Swedish countryside. Today, the natural fires today are closed down immediately, to the detriment of species over millions of years have adapted to the fires in the forest. Therefore, one of Länsstyrelsens goals is that parts of Flojs nature reserve is going to be burned in nature conservation purposes. In the reserve you can also found a significant proportion of protected wetland.
Pastures with high values
The area lies close to the summer pasture Floj, from where it emanates a marked trail through the reserve. Floj included in Länsstyrelsen Dalarna meadow and pasture inventory from 1993 where the area include described like this: "Pasture owns a desolate beauty of great proportions."

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