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Fjällberget - Walkingtrail

  • Visiting address: Vådsjön Postal Address: 793 97 Siljansnäs

From the shelter and parkinglot by Vådsjön there is a 2,3 km walking trail to the top of Fjällberget. You can extend your walk to 9 km by taking the old summer pasture trail back and fourth to the lookout point and towards Skäppsjöbodarna. The rail involves some swampy areas so feet will get damp. The view is best expericenced on the way upp and down from the peak as the top is more heavily forested. The nature reserve and surroundings old forest give an experience of wilderness. The old krooked pines hint to the harsh conditions there.



Directions: Drive from Leksand towards Mora via Siljansnäs, at Limån turn left towards Brasjön, after 1 km of km, turn right towards Långsjön. After 4.5 km turn right up on Fjällbergsvägen. Then it is 7 km to the reserve. A total of about 30 km from Leksand.

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