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Fjälläventyr - Guided Downhill with instructors, Sälen

The lift up and the bike down, the activity grows lavinartat, because it is fast-paced, just hard and crazy fun.



The body is armored with a plastic armor and the bike is heavily built with thick tires and good shock absorption. Performing cycling is highly addictive if done right. The guides at Fjälläventyr have a great passion for fast-paced cycling and are happy to show the right techniques for you to find the speed and safety when trying downhill. Book a guide if you want to learn right from the start, which makes the experience much more fun. For those who cycle regularly and already have many tips and advice, take you to the next step in your cycling. A pair of accustomed eyes can quickly determine what can be improved, often it is small details that make a big difference for speed through curves and other obstacles.

Facilities and service

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