View of Lake Gimmen.

Fishing license Gimmens FVO

Gimmen is a 28 meter deep clear lake where you can fish for perch, treat, pike, whitefish and dace. In Lissjön you can fly-fish for trout, but only from float tube since “catch and release” applies.



One day card – 50 SEK
One year card – 100 SEK, valid one calendar year
Note that a separate card is needed for Svarttjärn. You can buy that fishing license at OK/Q8 and Vestlis Fiske in Djurås/Borlänge.

Age restrictions – Children under the age of 16 fish for free in the company of an adult who has purchased a fishing license
Contact information – Inga Lill Andersson, 0243-230369

Maximum 1 rod per license (does not apply to fishing rods with rope attached to the top eyelet). For trolling, a maximum of 4 rods per boat are allowed. You may take up a maximum of 2 treats/chars per license per day. Minimum measurements for captured fish are trout 40 cm and char 30 cm. Fishing with otter and pike scissor is not allowed. Maximum 10 gears per license are allowed when angling or jigging.

Note that if you are using fish for bait, it too needs to be caught in Gimmen. Only dead fish may be used (according to the Animal Welfare Act § 16 kap.13).

You are not allowed to fish in Gimån or Gimmens tributaries. Fishing is also prohibited during the period 1 September-April, south of a line between headlands at the boathouses and down into the floodgates.

Within the area you can find Svarttjärn with continuous planting of game fish summer as winter. Fishing license for Svarttjärn can be bought at OK/Q8 and Vestlis Fiske in Djurås/Borlänge.

You can also buy your fishing license at:
Vestli's Fiske, Djurås 0241-513 65
Vestli's Fiske, Borlänge 0243-237486
Gimmens Fvofs cashier Lars Jonsson, 0702857833,
and by Gimmen at the boathouses by Inga Lill Andersson, 0243-230369

Mink Compensation 200 SEK per trapped mink. Contact Joakim Wikman. Jet prohibition applies in Gimmen according to regional authority regulation. Fishing inspection Jan-Olov Hedberg, Lars Jonsson, Kjell Larsson, Joakim Wikman, Mikael Karlsson, Lars Merchant, Claes Svedberg, Gösta Grånäs.

The holder of the fishing license is responsible for having read the current rules and regulations in the area. For more information see the webpage
Your printed booking confirmation is a valid fishing license within Gimmen FVO, according to the regulations in the area. You need to bring your fishing license while fishing at all times and be prepared to show it to a supervisor or police.