Fishing in Ljusterån

Ljusterån is Säter’s blue hallmark that runs along the city center. From the city the stream plunges down the rapids of Kvarnforsen, then it begins its journey through Säterdalen’s ravine system to finally be incorporated into Dalälven. Except for the dams around the settlements and the treatment plant the stream flows without interruptions, which can be a happy surprise if the fish from Dalälven decides to visit the stream.


Fishing in the city is an excellent option as well as the stretch along Säterdalen’s entertainment area. Beyond the entertainment area a fisherman’s patience will be put to the test. The step from a culturally influenced stream that is cleared from shrubbery to a wild and owergrown creek is short. After Kônsten (a restored wheelhouse and pole system that gave power to the water pumps in the Bispberg mine) the fisherman's elbow room shrinks drastically. Here you will also find the nature that characterizes Säterdalens nature reserve. Fishing in the reserve is allowed as the regulations do not include fishing. The trail along the stream certainly makes it more accessible but does not guarantee comfortable fishing, tread carefully and use a coarser fishing line. The vegetation along the stream and the dead trees in the stream is a prerequisite for a rich biodiversity in the area.

If you want to start the fishing trip in the heart of the ravine system, without taking the road through Säterdalen, it’s possible to start the tour at Norddalen (drive via Dalsbyvägen, you’ll find parking lots by the bridge).


In addition to pike and perch, there is a number of freshwater whitefish species such as roach, bleak, bream, whitefish and ide. The three later species are most commonly found in the lower parts of the stream, from Norddalen to Dalälven. Trout from the river migrate up the stream regularly, but catches of that kind are quite rare and a challenge for any fisherman. For trout fishing the odds are more in favor at the opposite part of the river, namely where the stream runs through the city. Fairly often the trout will wind its way down from Ljustern to Ljusterån and then stay at any of the rapids the stream offers.

Last but not least…Säterdalen’s ravine system IS the crown jewel of the area! A visit there is always recommended - with or without a fishing rod!

Fishingmap with more info (pdf)

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