Red house in summer garden.

Fishing at Bengtsgård - By

Bengtsgård is located at Bysjön, and offers a natural fishing for big pike, walleye and perch. The fishing care district covers, except from Bysjön which is a part of Dalälven, 19 other lakes of various sizes. White water fishing is also available within the fishing care area.



There are four modern boats with engines for rent at us and fishing licenses are available at the farm. We could also trail boats to some of the lakes where you may wish to go fishing. We also offer accommodation on the farm, Bed & Breakfast or self-catering. We also have some pre-planned fishing packages.
We want our guests to contribute to a sustainable fishing and want them to apply the “catch and release” fishing style. Early spring and late autumn are the best seasons for pike fishing. Summertime is best for perch. Walleye fishing is best during late summer and early autumn. But off course it is possible to get all these fish during all seasons.