Finnmarken's homestead Kroktorp

Finnmarkens hembygdsgård i Kroktorp

Finnmarken Homestead Museum, south of Vansbro, is on a small height with a beautiful view over lakes and mountains.



Finnmarken is the name given to the areas where Finns settled at the end of the 16th century and the start of the 17th century. The Finns lived by hunting, fishing and slash-and-burn cultivation. Isolated in the roadless forests, they were able to preserve their language and customs for a long time.
Gammelgården is a museum farm in Kroktorp, with all its typical Finnish buildings, which has been built in the depths of the forest. There is a storehouse on posts, a sauna, a drying house, a soldier’s cottage, and a charcoal burner’s hut, which are telling of how people lived. Each July, a Motti Festival is held, named after a special dish that can be savoured then.


From road 71 in Vansbro, take road 26 towards Filipstad. Follow that road for ca 12 km to Kroktorp. Follow the signs towards the homestead museum.