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Falu Konstgrafiska Verkstad

1957 Einar Johnsson started the Print Workshop as a study circle through ABF in a small workroom in Kvarnberget in Falun. 1973 The workshop moved to the present site on Blindgatan in an old section of the town called Östanfors.


At the same time Falun Community took over the management and employed a full time director. 1993 The workshop building was extended and underwent a substantial renovation. After the extension it became possible to work with practically all the different possible graphic techniques. For example, on the ground floor there is an Intaglio printing department, a room for lithography and screen-printing and a workroom, which can be used for experimental exhibitions. In the cellar there is an electric copperplate press for etching work, a relief press and dark room.

On the upper floor there is a computer room, office, dining room and a sleeping room for visitors. A well-designed ventilation system ensures that the workshop is always a pleasant and safe working environment. The workshop is beautifully situated in a unique part of Falun and in the surrounding garden there is an old fashioned book binding workshop. Our aim is to experiment with new materials and find new ways to produce artwork. In addition we offer the possibility of working with non-toxic graphic techniques and materials, such as non-toxic ink solutions.

Cooperation on a national and international level is also one of the workshops more important aims, which we achieve through courses and workshops, seminars and exhibitions. We also have plans to exchange knowledge and experiences with artists from other countries. Many well known artists have worked here over the years, and several young graphic artists have had their first experiences and education in printmaking at the workshop.

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