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Fallängetorp for goofs and folks

Fallängetorp farm, hostel, B&B and cottage welcome you into an experience in nature – you live in Lillstugan (Lil’ Cottage) or in Mellangården (The Mid Yard), and the hostel has made adaptions to achieve high accessibility.


Fallängetorp (Fallänge Homestead) is a hostel, B&B and a cottage on a farm north of Sala in Västmanland, Sweden. The farm dates back to the 1700s and here you get to see a glimpse of what life with agriculture and animals can be like.

If you would like to see what it is like to be a farmer, you get to take part of the daily work to the best of your abilities. You choose your place to stay all according to what you want and need.

Lillstugan, the Lil’ Cottage, is an all-year-cottage fully equipped and suits the guest who wants to take care of themselves. In the kitchen modern appliances meets the old wood burning iron stove, enjoy the evening listening to a fire burning inside. Washing machine, outdoor furniture and a grill is also available.

Mellangården, the Mid Yard, is newly renovated with high comfort – several bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen and a laundry room. The first floor is adapted to be highly accessible with adjustable counter tops, beds, sink and an adapted toilet. On the second floor there is, among other, a family room.

Breakfast is choosable and there is also eggs, meat and other charcuteries available for purchase.
Activities are offered in a range of possibilities; become a farmer for a day, or a weekend or over your break. You can go with horse and carriage, or a tractor and carriage and join in on cooking outside in our farm ruin – all food is prepared with local ingredients.

There is also bike tours available, Zoom Uphill, bike rides on a four-wheeled vehicle that we use to experience the forest and the surrounding nature. Visit lovely lakes, take a bath or go fishing. Most of all - enjoy at your own speed!
Dogs and other pets are allowed.


  • Physically disabled facilities