Fäbodstigen - Hiking trail, Malung

Fäbodstig Length: 17 km Difficulty: Green upper Moberget red Time: about 6h The path passes three pastures. Håberget about 7 km Holselen about 11km The hole time is about 17 km This path is very old at least 400 years, perhaps from the 11th century? In past times, there were only these paths to travel on. They had to carry their belongings on their backs in the knife or in a leather drain up to the shacks. The heavier goods could sometimes be cleaved on horseback. At various places after the trail there are info boards that tell of various things that are related to forestry and agriculture in ancient times. Among other things, millstone breakage and sweating. The trails are in the terrain marked with orange paintings on the trees.



The Nordic forest terrain with a lot of coniferous forest through which the path passes. Therefore, hiking boots are recommended.
The path that starts west of the village of the Roman Empire is the first three kilometers of a weak uphill slope.
The path from Hole village also goes up slightly.
The path then slowly goes down to the northern tip of the Gipsjön. Slight uphill to the river Ua. There the path divides some going up to the Håberget mountain pasture.
The path that goes up on the Tröskmyråsen in the beginning has a steep climb up the ridge, then it is an easy walk up to the passage of the car road up to Håberget. Now, just over a kilometer of heavy resistance begins towards the top of Moberget. Then it is quite easy to walk for 1.5 kilometers through the Anundberg Valley. Once again, a fairly easy walk for 1.0 kilometers to the Holselen mountain range.


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