Experium Saunavärld

NORRSKEN SPA & SAUNA Experium is all about giving all your senses a total experience. Delight in our first class spa treatments, get your circulation going with a Kneipp bath or relax in a sauna after a session in the gym. And most of all – enjoy it!



Norrsken Sauna is a different environment that boosts both the body and soul. Discover all our saunas and let your senses be swept away

Adventure Pool offers the greatest of water games and action-packed adventures. Sauna World is the complete opposite. Here you can find peace for the mind and soul. These elements complement each other to bring harmony to your senses.

There are various sections in Sauna World which in different ways affect all your senses– touch, sound, smell, sight and taste. Slow it down, enjoy the sensation and feel your body's internal energy. Welcome to Experium's Sauna World – a relaxing, stimulating and energising experience!


  • Children/Family
  • Summer
  • Winter