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Exciting encounter with ostriches

Summer trip to the world of ostriches with lunch. Spend 1-2 hours at Sahlins Struts and get a total experience.



At 11.30 the daily guided tour begins (45 min) where you learn the history of the ostrich, the bird's life and what's happening on our ostrich farm. You get close contact with more than 100 ostriches and can feed them.

When you are getting hungry eat an ostrich burger with french fries in the restaurant. .... or a lens burgher if it would attract more. For the smallest, it is of course a pancake with ice cream made of ostrich eggs.
Icecream dessert for everyone as dessert! Or as the start of the stay, we open at 11.

Spend the rest of the day, playing at the farm.

The farm shop filled with everything you can think of ostrich is open till 17:00 on weekdays and 16 on Saturday and Sunday.

The activity includes:
*Guided tour.
* Strutsburgers with pommes and coffee / linsburgers with chips and coffee
children's burger / pancake with ice cream for the smallest
* Ostrich eggs ice creae
* Entrance for the day



Drive RV 70 from Borlänge towards Säter. Follow the sign towards Sahlins Struts, about 6 km outside Borlänge center.
Address: Sveden 1, 781 92 Borlänge.

with GPS: WGS84
Latitude: 60.455 (+ 60 ° 27 '18.00 ")
Longitude: 15,495 (+ 15 ° 29 '42.00 ")