Ekopark Fjätälven

Ecopark Fjätälven

Ecopark Fjätälven in northern Dalarna follows an untamed, raging river. But from the otter and trout foaming whirls, it is not far to the glassy lakes.



At first you might think that Ecopark Fjätälven is an infinite pine forest, which undulates in small hills along the river. But sometimes you can just walk a few steps and end up somewhere completely different - in lush pine where the stately lady's slipper orchid growing, or at flowering pastures where butter balls shines yellow.

An untamed river
Through the barren pine heaths goes Fjätgatan river as a lifeblood. Rivers that are not used for hydropower live their own wild life, with spring floods that create open, flower-rich beaches. In foaming eddies thrive amounts of small aquatic animals, trout, otters and anglers.

Easily accessible solitude
Not far from the river's noise is the deepest silence - lots of shiny forest lakes. Several of them are so-called shelters, shelters where you can rest and maybe grill freshly caught fish over the fire. Ponds can feel like the middle of nowhere, but they are still easy to get to from forest roads and trails.

Traces of fire
On walking through the eco-park visible fire trails everywhere - there are stumps that are still shiny jet-black and old pines that have multiple wounds of fires in the bark. Regular fires are vital to many animals, plants and mushrooms.

Officially opened: August 26 in 2014.
Do not miss: A break in any shelter at Bumlingtjärnarna, view towards Städjan where the forest opens up and traces of fire in old-growth pines.
Suggestions for activities: fishing, mushroom picking and Wildlife Safari.
Typical species: otter, golden eagle and wolf lichen.
Size: about 7,800 hectare
Default: 20 km northeast of Särna, in Dalarna.

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