Snowmobiles in Drevfjällen

Drevfjällens nature reserve

A vast and roadless wilderness area located south and west of Drevdagen.



Dalarna's largest contiguous forest area, with pine trees that are older than 500 years. High mountains and wide marshes. The area includes the mountains Härjehogna, Vithogna, Rödfjället and Train Mountain. Of these, Härjehågna up with its 1185 meters above sea level. This is the low mountains with soft curves. Parts of the area is very rich in swamps. The larger marshes often have a central system of strings and flarkar, which turns the edges of the moss vegetation. A dozen shacks in the area. But they are delinquent or equipped to second homes.

The two best chalets are Id Perssätern and Lekåsen. On the latter, there are still animals in the summer and several interesting buildings. In addition to hay on mountain pasture salvaged hay from the marshes around. Wilderness for outdoor recreation. Wilderness area size, natural beauty and privacy makes the area very attractive for tourism and outdoor activities. Such as dogsledding and snowmobiling in wintertime.

Old Pines unaffected by forestry, below the mountains stretches a plateau where the landscape is a mosaic of forest and bog. These include the county's largest contiguous forest area. Large areas are completely unaffected by forestry. The area is characterized by sparse pine forests with large elements of old trees. Pines older than 500 years has been found and in some areas there are plenty of snags. The whole area shows traces of Adre forest fires. In the mountains take a zone of birch forest. Storm hats and wolf lichen, geese and otters, flora and fauna in the area of ​​northern nature. This bare mountain consisting of a dry, usually lavrika rished, of the type that are specific to Dala mountains, which are replaced by the heather crowberry, blueberry and birch. Härjehågan is an unusually diverse plant and scales as there are lime. The extended spruce growing wind cap man's height. Another area of ​​growth is peculiar ranunkeln hårmöja, growing in certain myrgölar. Up in the mountain side, one may encounter bracken krusbräken and taggbräken. The rare wolf lichen occur here and there on torrakkor out on the marshes. Other rare lichens found in Trains mountains are urnlav and grenlav. The area has a rich fauna with many of the large predators and even otters. The marshes have a rich birdlife. The stocking of the bean has been concluded successfully.