3 different types of sausages lying on a cutting board partially cut into slices.

The sausage factory meat charcuterie and food crafts

There is self-service every day from 10 am to 7 pm in Korvfabriken's farm shop. There is frozen fresh sausage etc. in the freezer and a selection of salami varieties in the fridge. There is also a wonderful selection of chocolate, honey, olive oil, mustard among many other goodies. Add up the sum and swisha easily to Korvfabriken.



The sausage factory is run by Nina Lindunger and Johan Borg, two friends who want to refine the fine ingredients into good, good food and they comply with the requirements of the food craft at production and use no additives.

At the sausage factory, air-dried products such as salami and beef steak are produced, fresh sausages of various kinds, including customers' favorite Lemone, on sheep meat flavored with eco lemons, parsley, garlic and more. Smoking of, for example, sheep's thighs, pork, sausage and beef.
There is often fresh meat in the counter, otherwise the freezer offers a good assortment.