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Walhöll Brygghus

The craft brewery in Söderbärke with taste for the good.



All beers at the brewery are fresh, that is, unfiltered and unpasted and not cold crashed. Cold crashing is the process of cooling the beer to get yeast and protein to flock, which gives a clearer beer. Walhöll chooses not to do this because the beer gets more fullness and body when it ferments in the bottle and it retains more nutrients. Secondary fermenting means that a little sugar is added when the beer is bottled/barred and carbonic acid develops. This allows the brewery to give a better experience at tastings and a malty body to the beer.

Beer tasting at Walhalla Brygghus
The brewery provides an all-round experience. We at Walhöll will talk about how to brew beer and we’ll taste different varieties and fragrances of hops together. It will be a journey through Nordic mythology and its connection to Walhöll's beer.

Groups between 4 - 20 people are welcome to book an experience. The price is 350 kr / pers and includes a tour of the brewery and a tasting of 8 varieties of beer (10 cl). It’s possible to buy extra samples (15 cl).
For designated drivers who wants to share the experience the price is 100 kr / pers. That includes soda or mineral water and alcohol-free beer is available.
Simple dishes for those who want to eat at the tastings can be arranged. For example, a tasting plate, quesadillas with chicken or pulled pork that is made with the Brewery's beer Ragnarök.
Contact Walhölls Brewery for tours and tastings!

Pub Nights
In Walhöll's beautiful and cosy pub samples of 15 cl is served. There are at least 10 varieties to choose from. Food is also served these evenings, always light simple dishes. There is a set menu for every date the pub is open.
See the website for current information.

Do not miss out on an experience beyond the ordinary!

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