A Nature reserve with tiny trees

Veksjömyr nature reserve

The extensive wetlands within Veksjömyr is completely untouched and is made up of a large variety of different wetland types.



The forests of in many parts of old age with call and vanishing traces of forestry. The majority consists of pine wood with hints of very old trees. In the bogs and along waterways are a beautiful spruce forest with much hanging lichen on the trees. The unusual wolf lichen growing on old dry stumps on the marshes.
Animal life includes northern occurring species of rare elements. Particularly rich bird life on the marshes.
The area is varied both in terms of tree species mix, age distribution and dimensions. There are places much dead wood in different sizes and stages of decomposition. Overall, this gives a good basis for a great variety of species, both plant and animal.
The protection of the forest in Veksjömyrs Nature Reserve is therefore a step in the conservation of biodiversity in the county.

Outdoor life
Veksjömyr can offer the visitor a fine experience of large marshland aesthetics, enhanced by lakes and the numerous small waters. The old growth forest of pine ridges or spruce swamp forest along rivers contribute to the wilderness stressed framing. Fishing and hunting can be practiced in a pleasing wilderness environment.
Lissbäckskojan is a fire hut which is open to the public and managed by Särna-Idre Besparingsskog. At "Djuptjärnen" is a prepared picnic area with a wind shelter run by Särna-Idre Fiskevårdsområdesförening. There is also a car park next to the road. A simple bridge leads over Lemmuvadet and operated by "Besparingsskogen". In addition to this lack of facilities for outdoor recreation.