A trail in a forest


Tvärhugget is a nature reserve that was formed in 2014. Tvärhugget has a steep slope towards the south. But it is not the steeple that is most impressive in this area, but the old tallest pines with an age of around 300 years.



Tvärhugget is a nature reserve that was founded in 2014. Here there are pine trees with an age of about 300 years.

Tvärhugget exhibits a very great variation in nature: low-altitude forest, pine forest and coniferous forest. In these parts, the giant numbers that have made the area aware of are growing. Some of them are certainly older than 300 years. One of Korsnäs measured pine is 24 meters high and has a diameter of 86 cm. Beautifully silver-colored dry rooms of impressive dimensions are available in large numbers, often equipped with holes.

A Forest fire has been an important factor in the creation of today's forest permits. You can still see traces of the fire today.

There is a marked hiking trail around about 1km. At the parking lot there is an information sign made by Länsstyrelsen.