Eksjöberget Ecopark with mountains in the background and trees

Eksjöberget Ecopark

On Eksjöberget you can become acquainted with something that is becoming increasingly rare in the Swedish countryside, which is really old trees.



On Eksjö mountain can be introduced to something that is becoming increasingly rare in the Swedish countryside, namely, very old trees. There are many pine trees that survived its 300th anniversary, some have even seen his 400 th birthday pass by!
Ancient pines stories of fire

The old pine trees have stood the test of time, surviving everything from drought, malnutrition, parasitic infestation and storms to the bitterly cold winters. They have also managed a force of nature that we seldom see nowadays in the Swedish nature: fire. The forest at Eksjö mountain has repeatedly been fire-ravaged, many of the pines you see fire scars on tree trunks. Here you will find also some stands of white birch that had arisen as a result of fire.

That this force of nature is largely absent in the Swedish forests today (most of the natural forest fires are extinguished immediately) has led to many species that are adapted to fire-ravaged areas declined in numbers and distribution of modern times. Plants such as the nature svedjenäva or insects rökdansfluga and sotsvart praktbagge have all now landed on the Swedish red list of threatened species.
As a result of the now rare environment is where many rare species. If, for example looking at fungi and lichens, one can see here varglav, shiny black spiklav, dvärgbägarlav, vedskivlav, vitgrynig nållav, pine mushroom and kolflarnlavar. All of these are indicator species for nature with high conservation values.