Gathering of MTB riders ready for the start of a trail ride.

Vansbro MTB - Krogenrundan

11 km blue trail, which starts south and follows the Västerdal River. At the start, it is asphalt for a short distance, which turns into a gravel road. After 3 km you reach Krogbäcken, where there is a nice barbecue area with benches. Now the trail continues over the bridge and it is a nice winding path following the river for about 2 km. Then follow Gruckån. It is a nice part with some technical elements through old forest. Finally, you come to the old railway, which is no longer in use. You follow it all the way back to Vansbro.



Vansbro Mtb has three fine mtb trails. Which are marked with orange color, signposted and cleared. The association organizes group training sessions where you ride different routes from beginners to experienced.
The association maintains and develops trails with braces, clearing, laws and builds new bridges around the Vansbro area.


The cycle path starts behind OK/Q8, outside Vansbro camping. Right before the Vansbro swimming finish area. There is a start sign with a map of the trails.