Several people paddle SUP on the river.

Stand up paddleboard (SUP) in Sälen

Rent a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) or join one of the guided tours this summer. SUP is an activity for everyone - young and old, big or small, boy or girl - everyone can learn! Paddling SUP is a fantastic nature experience and form of exercise.



With a SUP, you get out on the water quickly and can enjoy nature. Explore Sälen has inflatable SUPs that are very easy to handle. When you paddle SUP, you stand up on a long and wide "board" and paddle with a single-bladed paddle. The SUPs are very stable as the SUP's volume is large.
Paddling SUP is easier than many other water sports. The board is almost impossible to tip over and if you should fall off, just jump up and continue paddling. SUP paddling is also a very good form of training. When you paddle SUP, you train endurance, strength, balance and coordination. This is because you use your whole body when you stand up and paddle, from feet and legs, to your stomach, chest and arms.
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