Two miniskooters come speeding towards the camera pine forest in the background.

SnowFunRacers - mini scooter relay

SnowFunRacers - like go-karts but snow mobiles. Sharpen your elbows and challenge your family or friends in this hysterically fun competition. Anyone can drive these mini scooters, adults and children.



With SnowFunRacers (mini scooters for everyone) you compete in teams or individually. The layout is tailored to your wishes. Regardless of the format, this competition requires that the participants are both fast on the track, but also that they maintain their focus on the shooting range. The mini scooter relay combines mini scooter driving with a precision branch, such as archery. Here, the team or participants must run a predetermined number of laps, but in order to hand over or start the next lap, the participant must score the goal on the shooting range. Running SnowFunRacers is both easy and fun. Guides always go through all the instructions thoroughly before you go out on the track. Helmets are included but be sure to bring warm clothes, gloves and shoes.
At least 5 people

This activity takes place outside regular opening hours as the course must be closed. Contact Explore Sälen to book.