Two adults and two children stand on a small cliff and look at the view, next to it is a bicycle.

Säters MTB-leads

Säter municipality diverse nature offers some of Dalarnas most beautiful views. Expansive plains, deep valleys and forested mountains makes Säter nice to explore by bike.



MTB-cyclist are three main areas of joint; Säterdalen, Bispbergs outcrop and Djupdalarna as well as the area south of Säter. At Bispbergs outcrop and djupdalarna offered more technical and challenging riding. In Säterdalen you drive up and down the canyon. In the forests south of Säter you drive mostly on gravel road in beautiful nature.

Säters mountain bike trails are marked with a red arrow on a white ground outdoors.

At Cykel och Motor in Säter 0225-525 80 you can rent mountainbikes, you can also do that at Dalarnas Äventyrscentrum in Ulfshyttan tel 0243-25 11 07.