Särna Old Church

Särna – around the bridges

This is a natural cycling loop that takes you around lake Särna. It starts in the village, beside one of Sweden’s most beautiful campsites. The trip is around 8 km on paved road around lake Särna. It heads north, past Sågudden amusement park and over a lovely suspension bridge that takes you to lake Nordomsjön.



Length: 8 km
Green trail: Easy cycling on flat terrain
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
Start: Särna village
Finish: Särna village

Worth a stop
Särna Gammelkyrka and Gammelgården
Well worth a visit is Gammelkyrkan (the old church) in Särna. The wooden church, built in 1684, is a beautiful example of its type. Services are held here still and there are musical during the summer. Beside it lies Gammelgården (homestead) which consists of six buildings dating from the early 18th century.

Stora Fjätfallet rapids
Just 3 km from Särna, after the road to Sveg, follow the signs for Stora Fjätfallet rapids. Go here to see the rapids along the approx. 2 km walking trail. A short detour, but well worth it.

Fulufjällets National Park
Located west of Särna this famous national park spreads across 38,600 hectares of Dalarna wilds and its highest point is 1,044 metres above sea level. Visit the nature exhibition centre and learn more about the flora and fauna of the park.

One of Sweden’s highest waterfall, with a drop of almost 100 metres, lies in the national park. There is a 2 km walking trail and a well looked after path that takes you to the falls.

Old Tjikko
A clonal Norway Spuce has been growing in the park for at least 9,550 years: making it the world’s oldest tree. During cold climate periods the tree grows more like a stunted shrub, and like a tree when warmer periods come along.


Start from Särna Camping. There is accommodation and parking available at Särna Camping for those who want to do a shorter day trip.

Follow road 70 south for 1 km and turn left at the signpost for Sveg. After the bridge, take a left again towards Östomsjö. If you want to take a short detour to visit Stora Fjätfallet rapids, continue on for 1 km on road 311 before turning off.

At Östomsjön you will cycle across a beautiful suspension bridge that takes you across lake Särna to Sågudden dance hall. Back in Särna, take a left on road 70 towards the centre of the village and Särna Camping.