View of the landscape.

Bridges of Sälen trip

The trip is on pave road but it is possible to avoid cars by taking the gravel path beside the old cableway on the east side of the river. The trip starts at Olnispa Bystugan (chalet village) in Sälen. There are many attractions and exciting places to visit along the route.



Length: 16 km – 70 km
Green trail: Easy cycling on flat terrain
Duration: approx: 1-8 hours
Start: Olnispa hembygdsgård (homestead museum) in village of Sälen
Finish: Olnispa hembygdsgård (homestead museum) in village of Sälen

Worth a stop
Olnispa hembydgsgård (homestead museum) in Sälen village
This historical place has roots going back to the 16th century and people lived here until the end of World War II. It is said that the homestead here is connected with Gustav Vasa’s escape to Norway in the 1520s.

Memorial to Gustav Vasa in Sälen village
This stone memorial was raised in memory of Gustav Vasa and you will find it at the Olnispa homestead museum.

Transtrand church in Transtrand
The white walls and strict lines on the exterior of this church from the mid 19th century give way to a highly decorated and colourful interior. Look out for the old painting above the altar that is from 1760.

Akvariat, Transtrand
This aquarium in Transtrand lets you experience the Västerdalälven river and its various fish species from its source in the mountains, down to the sea.

Vasaloppsstenen in the village of Berga
This stone obelisk memorial to the Vasaloppet ski race was inaugurated in 1924 and has the names of all of the winners of the race engraved on it.

Defenses – Torgås
At the height of its readiness to stop Hitler invading Sweden, the Swedish army built these giant stone blocks across the roads that lead into the country from Norway.

Västagården in Lima village
Lima is a village in Dalarna and some of its citizens came together in 1909 to build this homestead in what was its original location.

Damerna på Storholen in Lima
This farm store in the village sells its own bread, cheese, marmalade, ice cream and charcuterie. Coffee and buns and local handicrafts also on offer.


Start at Olnispa homestead museum in Sälen village. On certain days they serve up coffee and home-baked buns and biscuits.

Around 200 metres north of Olnispa homestead museum, up on a hill, there is a stone memorial to Gustav Vasa.
Continue north for 100 metres and turn right over the bridge over the Västerdalälven river and turn right into road 311.

Cycle south towards Transtrand and after approx. 6 km you come to Berga village and the starting area for the Vasaloppet ski race. Here you will find the stone obelisk to the race with the winners’ names engraved on it. In the summer months you can buy ice cream, as well as coffee and buns here.

Continue south for approx. 1.5 km and pay a visit to the unique Sälen Aquarium to see salmon, char, rainbow trout and other predatory Swedish fish. A further 1.5 km along the road, on your right, you will catch a glimpse of the white-painted Transtrand church. Visit for the decorative interior and altar painting from 1760.

Continue south for about 17 kmn the west side of the river until you come to an intersection and turn left towards Torgås and cycle through the villages of Hammarsbyn and Hjulslätt. There is a lovely farm bakery here before you turn right towards Västagården. Ride for 1.5 km and you will see a beautiful old homestead which is not open to the public, but there are many fine buildings here to see.

Cycle north for about 1.5 km and turn right through the village of Sörnäs towards Torgås over the bridge. Turn left on road 311 towards Sälen and cycle on for approx. 200 metres. On your left you will see massive stone blocks that were part of Sweden’s defence system in World War II against an invasion from Germany via Norway. Turn around and cycle south on road 311 and at the 3 km mark there is a farm store called Damerna på Storholen where you can make a pit stop for homemade baked goods and other local products.

On the return leg take the west side of the river and turn left over the bridge in Torgås, through Hammarsbyn and Hjulslätt, and turn right towards Transtrand. After about 17 km you will see Transtrand church and instead of cycling over the bridge, go straight ahead for around 10 km to return to Olnispa homestead museum.