View of forest and meadows


The area consists of a mountain that rises about 200 m above the river plateau. Nature reserve with many different plants and animals. The area has Dalarna’s biggest Bronze Age graves and largest cave.



The county's largest cave is located here in the south. Several legends tell of the trolls who lived in the uv hole, as seen from the national road. The cave has been formed by frost whitening.

Pine, spruce, birch, rowan and aspen grow here. Since the forest is very varied, many different plants and animals thrive here. Wood funps benefit from good availability of dead wood.

At the top are two burial cairns, the largest being more than ten meters in diameter.
In old age, the mountain was a significant mountain of care. Djurmo heel also has a species-rich flora of the kind typical of so-called southern plant mountains. Bergbranten is used as a breeding ground for various bird species, such as Peregrine Falcons.
Slogbod with tables and benches is at the visitor's disposal.

The gravel road up to the parking lot is in order and there are clear instructions for parking.
Photo View with mountains and villages named.

The mobile outdoor life uses the area extensively. Djurmo Klack is especially used as a vantage point and there is also a shelter and a fire place. Djurmo Klack is easily accessible from the forest road that goes up the mountain. From the forest road, a path goes up the last bit on the mountain heel at the front of the shelter. Please note that there are some times when climbing is prohibited on the steep slope.