Bridge over a spring in the forest.

Djuptjärnbo 1,7 km

A hike in the nature reserve Djuptjärnbo which passes through different landscapes. There is also a small waterfall located along the path.



Length: 1,7 km.

Difficulty level: Blue, average.

Description: The start of the hike is at a parking area next to the road about 1 km east from the lake in Helgbo(Helgsjön). There is no sign by the road that tells you were the parking area is, so following a map is recommended. At the parking area you will find a sign with information about the area(only in swedish) and from here start the hike by following the orange markings. Pay extra attention to these markings because some of them can be a bit faded.

The hike goes through partially hilly terrain up on a smaller mountain which is overgrown by pine trees. Here you can take a break and rest on the bench at the top. The trail also passes by a small waterfall and a village.


From Leksand: The start of the hike is about 20 km southeast of Leksand. From Leksand take road 70 to Insjön where you then turn right towards Hjultorget, in the second roundabout you continue straight onto Timmervägen and go towards Helgbo. About 1 km after the lake in Helgbo, turn left to the parking area.