Dalarna's most outdated ski trip

After a snowfall, nature is an unwritten leaf. With wide wooden skis, it will be a trip out into the fields to read in the snow what the animals have been up to lately. It is incredibly fun to ski in untracked terrain.



Outdoor life in the winter provides new opportunities and the skis are adapted to travel in untracked deep snow. Places that can otherwise be difficult to travel to during the bare ground period freeze and the snow settles like a fluffy carpet. It can be difficult to see animals when you are in the forest, but they are there. Thanks to the snow, you can see through their footprints what they have been doing, the trip always goes in the opposite direction so as not to disturb. In addition to the most common species that occur in the coniferous forest, the four large ones also move in the area. Wolf, lynx, wolverine and with a little luck, the spring snow remains when the bears start to move. The winter trips become so much more exciting when you know who is moving in the fields. For lunch, a warm, tasty soup is served with homemade bread and coffee or tea after the meal.

There are wooden skis if you do not have your own touring skis. The skis used are wide but relatively easy to ride. When you travel on forest skis, it's like gliding. a wonderful experience that in the past was the mode of transport that was most common in winter. There are different options for bindings. Some you can use your own winter boots, for others you can borrow a stable and warm-lined ski boot. You do not have to be an elite exerciser when it comes to a walk on the skis, but it is an advantage if you have tested and are able to go cross-country skiing.


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