Plate of white fish lying over a beetroot and potato.

Dala-Floda Värdshus - the ecological hostelry

Dala-Floda Värdshus is a classical hostelry steeped in century-old tradition in Dalarna’s Garden of Eden at the southern end of lake Flosjön about 40 km west of Borlänge.



The cluster of neighbouring villages on both sides of the river were named the Garden of Eden by Carl von Linnaeus.
The genuine setting, local ecological produce, and well-made food with pure tastes provide a relaxing, inspiring and sensual experience.

The restaurant uses its own vegetable garden and lamb from the village. During the summer months 70% of the vegetables come from the garden and the hostelry is self-supporting in herbs, salads and flowers. Beside the herbarium is a small "potager", a beautiful mixture of vegetables and flowers with beans, palm cabbage and cress. The restaurant is mentioned in the White Guide on Sweden’s best restaurants.


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