Men's hats lying in a suitcase.


We and our hats welcome you to the CTH hat factory. It’s a unique living museum that puts the spotlight on a women’s workplace in the very heart of a city built on steel. In 2005, Sweden’s largest hat museum was inaugurated in central Borlänge.



Voted Industrial Museum of the Year in 2006. In 1885, Carl Theodor Ericson founded the hat and cap factory in Borlänge, and it had its golden age at the end of the 1940s. Serving the nation and appointed a supplier of hats to the Swedish royal household, style and quality have always been renowned CTH hallmarks. 2004 saw the formation of Friends of CTH, with the aim of preserving the premises and the local traditions of craftsmanship. Our vision is to preserve the environment, maintain the stocks of headwear, keep alive the local skills and put Borlänge firmly on the map as the hat capital of Sweden. CTH is today a living museum for hats and caps, with production to order, and the museum also organises hat-making courses, competitions, exhibitions, lectures and social gatherings.


  • Physically disabled facilities