Ski trails, trees, gray/blue heaven

Cross country trails in Stöten

45 kilometers of trails for both classic and skate. The tracks are six meters wide and go from four different trail centers at Stöten Ranch, Skidtorget, Soltorget and Kronoparken. You will find a ski waxing shed at Stöten Ranch and three more at the Lya area.



3 km Lysrundan - Classic style. Elliptical track illuminated until 11pm

4 km Pipsvängen - Skate and classic style

5 km Träningsspåret - Skate and Classic Style

7 km Slingersvansen - Skate and classic style

8.5 km Comborundan - Skate and classic style


  • Winter


Stötens ski resort near the Norwegian border.