Cross-country tracks in Evertberg

Here is the classic Vasaloppet course and 3.4 km of the route towards Risberg is illuminated.



There are also other short and longer loops here.Tracks available:

- The Elljuss track 3.8km, goes in the vase race track from Bygdegården towards Sälen. Lit.
- The Vasaloppet race track's 6 km light track, relatively easy to follow in the Vasa race west to the Evertsberg lakes. Illuminated and here you can even skate.
- Bredtjärn 27 km wide, easy going.

The trails start at Bygdegården in Evertsberg. The lighting is started manually at Bygdegården. Can be switched on after 16 and lights until 22.Track information is available at the Evertsberg control.


  • Winter