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Cross country skiing - Säter

Days filled with great skiing awaits you either you choose between the well-groomed lighted trails or jogging trails that wind their way between snow covered fir trees. In Säter municipality are several nice trails to choose from.



At the tourist information in Säter you will find a trail map. Many different trace lengths are available to choose from.

Trylämnet, Stora Skedvi 3-10 km
Kyrkberget, Stora Skedvi elljusspår 1,2-10 km
Mora by, Gustafs 2.2-10 km
Åsen, Säter 2,5-7,5 km
Golfbanan, Säter 10 km
IP, Säter elljusspår 7,5 km
Långspår, Säter 20-30 km

For more information about the tracks, visit www.skidspar.se