Cross-country in Kläppen

The cross-country tracks in Kläppen have become extremely popular. With our generous snow guarantee, we promise 2 km of cross-country tracks in late November.



Myrspåren, 5.6 km, 7.7 km, 9.4 km
Lovely nature tracks starting at Persgården. If you choose any of the longer tracks, there is a wind shelter with barbecue place after about 4 km.

Toppspåret, 6.1 km
Kläppens most beautiful cross-country track with a completely magical environment. Where the track turns after about 3.5 km there is a wind shelter with barbecue area ..

Bergspåret, 24.5 km
The mountain trail is a merger of all our tracks up on the mountain. The beginning and end are made up of the Myrspåren. Some parties are quite steep, but well-groomed. The other middle part is the Toppdspåret. Please take a break in Toppstugan before continuing the journey.

Älvspåret, 13 km
The track starts at the Welcome Center and turns in Torgås, 7 km south of Kläppen. The entire track is electrically lit from 06.00-22.00 every day. Popular track for those who want to train for the Vasaloppet.