Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for visitors

Travelling in Dalarna

From the middle of June travellers without symptoms can visit Dalarna. It is important for everyone to keep distance to other people, both while travelling and on the destination. Each and everyone have a responsibility to check the recommendations and restrictions for the destination you intend to visit. Note that accommodations, destinations and other activities have all taken measures to stop the spread of the pandemic and local recommendations for each site have been established. Please contact the destination you plan to visit for further information. You may also contact Visit Dalarna if you have any questions or need help with bookings or information about your stay.

Read more about the recommendations for travel in Sweden here.

Dalarna’s nature

Many of us will enjoy Dalarnas vast landscape and varied nature this summer. The blue mountains, cool lakes and green hills beckons! But we need to be respectful and care for the nature around us. Please be aware that certain restrictions can have been established locally and show consideration for each other and the travellers you might meet along the way. Read more about what is permitted in the Swedish nature here.

Events in Dalarna

The Swedish government has decided to ban public gatherings and public events with more than 50 people. This affects events in Dalarna and we get several questions about what applies to already booked events and trips to Dalarna.

For events with less than 50 participants, it is up to the respective organizer whether the event is to be carried out or not. This applies when the customer has purchased event tickets through Visit Dalarna. For events that are carried out, we apply our regular cancellation policy and for cancelled events we will refund the tickets excl. sevice fees. 

Accommodation and activities

Accommodation and activities booked through Visit Dalarna will continue to follow our regular cancellation policy. You can find our booking terms on this page: Booking Terms. If your country is covered by travel bans, we will of course offer you a free re-booking of your trip so that you can visit Dalarna at a later date, it´s required that you give us a notice that you wish to delay you trip at least 14 days upon arrival. Otherwise, reference is made to any credit card insurance or home insurance where you as a customer may have extended protection.

Read more about what applies at large gatherings, public events and current advice from authorities at the Public Health Authority and the Government's respective website:

The Government of Sweden

Public Health Authority

This information is valid for the time being and may be changed if new directives or prohibitions are added.