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Church paths in Nås.

To walk a along the old trails it´s to hiking in the story, same routes, same upward slope and the same prospects as our ancestors experienced. These trails are a part of Nås history and of particular interest to those who have their roots in Nås Finnmark.



Until the early 1900s, the entire Nås western Finnmark without road connection with Nås. In nearly 250 years, these paths have been used to get to theNås. There, visited the church to hear the priest's orders, which were baptized, married and buried you.

The trails starts from the ski lodge in Nås and then divide into Vinbergets shacks.

The paths that you can walk are:
Laxtjärn - Nås church
Flaten - Nås church
Long Lake - Nås church
Rösjön - Nås church


From Vansbro Go rv 71 towards Borlänge about 25 km to Nås. Turn right at the sign for Skansbacken. Cross the bridge and turn left towards Lindesnäs. Follow the road for about 1.5 km. Then turn right and take the first left onto the ski chalet.