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Café Linnean, Linné's wedding cottage

Svedens gård is an old homesteader's estate with additional historical connections. For it was here, in 1739, that the botanist and originator of the binomial nomenclature system, Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) celebrated his wedding to Sara Elisabeth Morea.


Inside, the cottage is adorned with a mural depicting the story of King David, while outside the cottage garden is rich in flowers which, it will not come as a surprise, are closely associated with the famous guest.

There are also a number of "angel" trees, such as ash, maple and lime, which, according to Swedish folklore, have been bestowed with the power to protect those living there from accidents and illness. Sveden is also the birthplace of Jesper Svedberg, a bishop, and his philosopher son, Emanuel Swedenborg.

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