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BS618 Spånsans fäbod

Holiday cottage in Spånsans Fäbod, about 70 m2. 22 km from Borlänge center. 4 + 2 beds. Childbed available. Nice nature and close to bad and nice hike / ski trails.



The cottage has one bedroom with two bunk beds.
The bottom bed is 140 cm in one of them.
There is also a childbed available.
A living room with a sofa bed (double bed). TV with DVD.

Furnished patio / porch.
Fully equipped small kitchen.
WC and shower available.
Access to electric outlet for engine heat.
Woodstove is available. Please bring your own firewood

Please bring sheets and towel.

Pets are allowed.
Smoking not allowed!

Distance to Borlänge C: 22 km
Romme Alpin: 20 km
Bathing place: 200m
Shop 17 km
Gyllbergen's open-air area: approx. 6 km to start / parking

Ski trails and hiking trails is outside the cottage.

Facilities and service

  • Own lot
  • Close to lake
  • Fire stove
  • Pets allowed