Borrsjöån & Lungsjöån Fly Fishing Club

Borrsjöån & Lungsjöån Fly Fishing Club

Develop your fly fishing skills as a beginner or more advanced fisher in these private catch and release rivers for brown trout.



This place offers you a high-class fly fishing experience in magical environments
from May to November.

Fly Fishing Club in Sweden offer you one of the best fly-fishing streams for Brown Trout in Sweden.

Fly fishing course/guiding
Jonas Hagborg, riverkeeper and instructor/guide. This course is for you if you know the basics of fly fishing and want to progress and become a better fly fisher. You will learn about fishing and casting techniques in these fantastic fly fishing streams. You will learn how to do a roll cast, underhand cast, double haul and other small details that pay in the long term. The problems become fewer, you will be guaranteed more fish and your experiences will be enhanced.

To book a comprehensive improver’s course or a wonderful guiding contact:
Jonas Hagborg on +46 (0)23-194 23 or +46 (0)70-87071 65 (mobile)