Two women in older clothes in front of a red timber bilding in two floors.

Bondes gård

This farm takes its name from the family that has occupied it since the 17th century. The owner Sofia Bonde, who died in 1935, left the farm in her will to her nephew Nils Sahlström.



When he died in 1959 the farm was donated to Sundborn Municipality. Since 1974 the farm has been used by the Sundborn Local Heritage Association. All the fixtures and artefacts have been catalogued by Cultural Heritage Falun and went with the farm when the Heritage Association was granted the use of the site.

The storehouse opposite the dwelling house is one of the oldest buildings in Sundborn, dating from the 17th century. The dwelling house was built in 1750, when it consisted of two bedrooms and a kitchen. In 1875 six more courses of logs were added to give an upper storey.