A glass in the foreground on a set table and a fire is burning in the fireplace.

Bondasgården Soul and Food

Bondasgården - Soul and Food was founded in december 2017 and their vision is to nurture body and soul of the customers. They would like to meet and welcome every individual that visits them, so they work in a small-scale and personal way at the restaurant, accommodation and soul services. They also sell products of Organics by Sara which are chemical-free oils.



They offer the guests accommodation in a very nice environment and serve tasty food that is made from scratch with natural and ecological ingredients. Look at website for the menu.

The purpose of the soul services is to spiritual healing, deep relaxation and a possibility to find and strengthen what is deep within yourself.

The soul-body-and-food retreats offer a combination of the best they have to offer at Bondasgården.


  • Winter